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If you are on a budget, looking to support small businesses, and have PHENOMENAL taste...I got you. Check out these incredible holiday gifts for your loved ones, or hell—just for your own sweet self. You’re worth it.

FAT RASCALS is a deep dive into the world of Shakespearean Cuisine. Shakespeare’s food was as diverse and colorful, as ornate and thrilling as the words in his plays. In this new cookbook, his delicious cuisine is brought sizzling back to life. Enjoy classic Elizabethan and Tudor dishes like a roast joint of mutton, tansies, fritters, Twelfth Night cake, and more! With over 150 authentic recipes taken directly from the pages of William Shakespeare, and over a 200 beautiful photographs, you will be transported back in time.

Written and photographed by acclaimed classical actor (and foodie!) John Tufts. $46

"These earrings were inspired by the 'Dormilona De Agua' sensitive plant native to our desert landscape. The plants leaves close at nighttime or when lightly touched. My nana used to have this plant in her yard and I remember being in awe when the evening came because the leaves would close."

Luna & Saya is a Tuscan, AZ handmade jewelry business created by designer Marina Cordova. $42

It's a game where you say "dude".

The goal is to quickly find matches for as many of your cards as you can.

To play, you say the word "dude" as you think it should be said, based on how it appears on your card. At the same time, listen to how the other players are saying the word "dude". The person who gets the most correct matches is the winner!

dude was the last game Northstar co-president Satish Pillamarri brought to market before his untimely passing from cancer. Northstar has donated all remaining copies (1,000) to a scholarship fund for Satish's son. The entire price of your dude purchase through the site ($25), will be donated to a fund for his son to use in 18 years. $25

If you’re looking for a gift that will truly delight, you’ve found it in this natural duo. Set the holiday mood with the Holiday Cheer Room Spray and then be ready to pucker up under the mistletoe with our Organic Peppermint Lip Balm.

All Nourish products are lovingly prepared by Jamie in small batches, using organic, good-for-you ingredients. $21.95

“Frailty, thy name is the gender binary”

In Please Come Off-Book, Kevin Kantor crafts a raw and vulnerable confluence between two of their passions: acting and poetry, using their experiences as a trans non-binary theatre maker as an extended lens of exploration into gender identity, family dynamics, and growing up queer.

Kantor critiques the treatment of queer figures with an adroit blend of humor and earnest longing, imagining a braver and bolder future, one in which Hamlet is trans (obviously) and queer characters get to survive their own stories.

Please Come Off-Book is both a heartfelt love letter and a scathing critique of the American theatre and the lenses we choose to see ourselves through.

Kevin Kantor (they/them) is a trans non-binary poet and theatre maker working to deconstruct and reimagine the semiotics of gender onstage and in performance. $20 *pre-order for 3/23/21*

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